Liberal Democrat European Group Campaigns

The Liberal Democrats know the value that the EU brings to member states, and brought the UK before 2020. Despite the close referendum in 2016, we at LDEG and in the Liberal Democrats continue to advocate for a close relationship with the EU, eventually leading to our return to the Union. Whilst this may take time, LDEG are at the forefront of pro-EU advocacy to win over voters and speed up the process. In March 2022, the Party passed our landmark EU policy paper, Number 144, through conference policy proposal F13 (both linked below), and gave us a renewed mandate to push for stronger EU-UK relations.


Policy Paper 144:

Policy Motion F13:


The Liberal Democrat European Group continues to fight for the UK's place in the EU, and will campaign across policy areas to make sure that happens. 

Ed Davey picture with over a dozen EU ambassadors
Ed Davey meets with ambassadors from countries across the European Union

Below are the many campaigns we are running. Want to support us? Get in touch!