Lib Dem Conference Hall

Liberal Democrat European Group at Conference

This Autumn, Liberal Democrats from across the country will meet in Bournemouth to host our Conference, which you can buy tickets to here.


With internationalism being one of the central pillars of what Liberal Democrats campaign for, LDEG has worked with our partners in the party to create a packed 4 days for all our members and supporters. 

An arrow on a map of the Exhibition Floor pointing at the LDEG Stall (number 24)

Conference Stand

The membership team at LDEG have secured an Exhibition Stand at Conference, where attendees will be able to learn about the work of LDEG. Don't hesitate to visit us! Members of the Executive will be running the stall, and there will be opportunities to meet our partners including the Liberal International British Group.

Ed Davey on Conference Floor delivering his speech

Conference Auditorium

The Conference Auditorium is the space where major party activity happens. From policies to constitutional amendments, parliamentary reports to speeches, it is a pillar of Conference. In the Auditorium, Europe and the EU will been mentioned many times in many policies. We encourage all members to follow these debates closely, with a list of relevant policy motions below:

F5 - Combatting Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (Saturday, 09:40)

F7 - A Fair Deal for the Armed Forces Community (Saturday, 10:40)

F8 - Bring Back the Industrial Strategy (Saturday, 11:30)

F23 - For a Fair Deal (Pre-Manifesto Policy Paper) (Sunday, 15:10)

F28 - Food and Farming (Food and Farming Policy Paper) (Monday, 09:55)

F33 - Standing with Ukraine (Monday, 16:25)

F44 - Tackling the Nature Crisis (Natural Environment Policy Paper) (Tuesday, 11:25)

A gathering of around 50 people attending LDEG's York 2023 Fringe

Conference Fringe Events

At Party Conference, groups can deliver fringe events that train, inform or advocate for specific areas that surround the aims of the Liberal Democrats. A full list of these events can be found on the Conference Directory.

This Autumn, LDEG has worked hard with partner organisations to organise fringe events that will interest many members and has pushed to include discussions on Europe in fringe events we are not directly involved in. These include:

Liberal Democrat European Group: Building Coalition Government (Saturday, 13:00 - 14:00)

INVITE ONLY: Friedrich-Naumann Foundation (FNF): Teaser UK-EU Liberal Dialogue

Best for Britain: Europeanism in Lib Dem DNA - should is stand for Do Not Acknowledge? (Monday, 13:00-14:00)

European Movement UK: Reversing the calamity of Brexit: Restorying market access (Monday, 18:15-19:15)

INVITE ONLY: ALDE Party and National Liberal Club: International Reception

Centre for European Reform and Delegation of the EU to the UK: The future of the EU-UK relationship - how close can or should they become? (Tuesday, 13:00-14:00)