Brits say Rejoin

7 Jan 2024
EU UK Jigsaw Piece

New polling data from YouGov shows that, when thinking about the UK’s relationship with the EU, “Rejoining is the most popular option” amongst the British public. 

The same politicians that brought us Brexit are now toying with the idea of taking the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The Labour opposition’s line is to seek a better deal and ‘Make Brexit Work’. The polling company YouGov has now found that “around half of Britons (51%) say they would support overturning the 2016 referendum result, including 33% who “strongly” support doing so, making it by far the most passionately supported of the four options.

The YouGov survey also found that 42% would support the lesser step of joining the Single Market, although just 23% “strongly” support doing so. By contrast, 22% are opposed to joining the Single Market, and as many as a third are unsure (36%).