LibDem Leader Ed Davey's New Year Message

5 Jan 2024
Ed Davey

In his New Year's message, Liberal Democrat Party Leader, Ed Davey, called for re-building the UK's relationship with Europe. 

Ed further argued that “neither the Conservatives or Labour are capable of tackling” the “big, deep-rooted challenges in our country”, because neither party will change the “broken political system” that underpins them.

He continued that beneath the “daily stream of crisis and scandal,” the UK is facing long-standing problems like entrenched poverty and inequality, climate change and Britain’s diminished standing in the world.

Highlighting the Liberal Democrats’ long-standing commitment to electoral reform, Ed said that the current system “rewards short-term self-interest at the expense of actual solutions” and “serves no one, except the vested interests of the Conservative and Labour parties.”

With Labour “still wedded to First Past the Post”, Ed Davey continued “it falls to Liberal Democrats to be the agents of change once again” and “not just to change who sits in power, but to change where power sits.”

Ed concluded with four messages:

“We must do nothing less than transform the nature of British politics for good.

“Fight for a fair deal, that empowers everyone, and holds the already powerful to account.

“Smash the two-party system, reform our elections, and give everyone an equal voice.

“Because that is the only way we can build a fairer, greener, more caring country.”