Turing is not enough: Time to rejoin Erasmus+

10 Dec 2023
Brexit March

Since leaving the Erasmus+ programme, the number of European students studying in the UK has collapsed, funding for the youth sector has fallen and Britain’s cultural connections to its nearest neighbours are waning.

The Young European Movement has organised a webinar to hear more about the campaign strategy, what’s happening next and their plans

Speakers are:

  • Klajdi Selimi (Chair), President of Young European Movement UK.
  • Lord Storey, Lib Dem’s Education Spokesperson in the House of Lords.
  • Ray Kirtley, Chair of UK Global Learning Association for Schools.
  • Dr. Steve Barnes, a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society with 12 years of lecturing experience across further and higher education in the UK, and Co-Editor of the journal “Mental Health and Digital Technologies”.
  • Véronique Martin, was a student on on the first ever year of Erasmus.
  • Amelia Hughes, Comms and Campaigns Officer at EM UK, who enrolled on various Erasmus+ schemes pre-Brexit whilst a student in the North-East of England.

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